Each month, we highlight one song from the Quaver catalog along with an easy-to-implement classroom activity.

Feel free to share the video and activity with teachers and students, but don’t delay, we’ll have a new Song of the Month on the 1st!

This month’s song is “Wash our Hands!” 

In this QuaverMusic Song of the Month, empower your students to wash their hands properly! Students can sing this song while they apply soap and water and rub their hands together for at least 20 seconds. This is about how long it takes to sing two verses of the song.

Click play on the video below, and switch to full screen to view with students.

Download the following printable to accompany the song and create an engaging lesson:


After listening to “Wash Our Hands,” this may be a great opportunity to discuss with students how they’ve been feeling about all the changes in their life lately.

Identify how you, or your students, feel about a topic or issue at hand with this colorful discussion tool!

Are you at the top of the tree in your understanding or confidence about a topic, or hanging from the branches?

No answer is incorrect, but using this visual as a starting point can be a great jumping-off point for discussion or self-evaluation.

Download the worksheet!


Act fast! This song is only available until the end of September. “Wash Our Hands” is available to teachers and students through a license to QuaverMusic resources. Click below for a free 30-day preview of QuaverMusic!

Try this song and hundreds more at QuaverMusic.com/SOTMPreview.