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Highly Engaging Teaching Resources

Interactive teaching resources to enhance every aspect of your teaching experience

No matter what technology is available in your classroom, Quaver content is designed to help engage your students and enhance your teaching of musical concepts and skills.

A picture of a general music teacher engaging her students with a teacher led whiteboard and Quaver Music teaching resources

Full-Featured Interactive Song Catalog

Growing library of over 1,200 songs meeting every teaching and learning need

QuaverMusic.com is packed with songs from all genres to help teachers engage students, teach songs, and reinforce student understanding at every grade and skill level!

The Quaver Music interactive song catalog helps teachers engage students every grade and skill level

Optimized Search Engine

Easily find and launch resources that meet your needs

Quaver’s Resource Manager is home to a searchable Library of over 6,500 resources and powerful customization functionality that allows teachers to rearrange, adapt, or extend Quaver Curriculum Lessons.

A screenshot of the Quaver Music Optimized Search Engine with a searchable library of over 6,500 resources.

Complete Customization

Drag, drop, and add content from Quaver’s library and your own

With drag-and-drop technology and options to import outside resources, Quaver’s Resource Manager makes it easy for teachers to customize their curriculum resources to meet their needs.

A screenshot of Quaver Music's customizable drag and drop content screen.

Automated GradeBook

Powerful tools for student assessment and assignments

Save valuable grading time with a wide range of automated administrative tools – making it easy to organize and track student activity and performance! Teachers can also distribute and collect customized assignments and export their GradeBook as a PDF or Excel file.

A screenshot of Quaver Music's automated gradebook, a powerful tool for student assesment and assignments.

Online PD Program

Ongoing video training and education available 24/7 online

Our Professional Development program is adaptable to suit district needs, whether on-site, online or on-demand. With an active staff of full-time and part-time trainers, we can ensure our customers fully understand and utilize their Quaver curriculum resources.

A screenshot of Quaver Music's professional development program available on-site, online or on-demand.

District Management Reports

District and school-level management reports are easy to view and interpret

Quaver’s Usage Reports give school and district level administration a bird’s-eye view of what resources teachers are using in their district. Other management information includes detailed reports on the performance of a specific student, class, or school by assignment, objective, or date.

A screenshot of Quaver Music's management report available at the school and disctrict-level.