Ongoing video training and education available 24/7 online

Our Professional Development program is adaptable to suit district needs, whether on-site, online or on-demand. With an active staff of full-time and part-time trainers, we can ensure our customers fully understand and utilize their Quaver curriculum resources


Engaging, hands-on, and fun for teachers, Quaver Professional Development Days boost attendance, increase enthusiasm, and manage the incorporation of new resources. Teachers leave these fun-filled and educational training sessions empowered and excited to start teaching their students!

Quaver Music Professional Development program


Our online Professional Development options allow educators to tune into ongoing training 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. With eleven training course focused on how to integrate specific resources in the classroom, teachers can continue their own professional development as they choose! Visit to explore.

And LIVE from Quaver Headquarters

Each semester, we host Digital Training Sessions from our studio in Nashville, Tennessee. These video trainings allow teachers spread across the globe to receive up-to-date training at their own pace – starting and stopping to apply what they’ve learned with suggested activities. Regular Quaver Webinars can also be accessed online to keep users connected to each other and the Quaver team.