Drag, drop, and add content from Quaver’s library and your own

With drag-and-drop technology and options to import outside resources, the Resource Manager makes it easy for teachers to customize Quaver Music’s lesson plans to meet their needs.

Adapt existing Quaver lessons with library content, or easily add content from outside the Quaver universe by uploading an Mp3, PDF, or YouTube video. Lesson Plans are also editable, printable, and shareable among a district – saving valuable lesson planning time and making collaboration easier than ever.

See Quaver customization in action!

Quaver Music's Lesson Plans

Create your own custom curriculum!

Quaver Music's Lesson Plans

Sequence your lessons in a way that works for you, combining Quaver Lessons, Song-Based Lessons, and your own Custom Lessons for a super personalized look at your curriculum at the teacher or district level.

Build Assignments Designed for Your Students

Quaver’s Resource Manager also features a powerful Student Assignment Builder. Create a sequenced assignment just as you would a lesson, using any Quaver or custom content in your library. Assignments can be distributed to a single student or groups of students with just a few clicks.