Interactive elements to enhance every aspect of your teaching experience

No matter what technology is available in your classroom, Quaver content is designed to help engage your students and enhance your teaching of musical concepts and skills.

Teacher-Led Interactive Whiteboard Elements

The Quaver library is packed with over 6,500 teaching resources designed for in-class learning and led by a certified music educator. The interactive nature of our content allows teachers to remain the central source of instruction, while students can work at the interactive whiteboard or on mobile devices to learn by doing. Best of all – Quaver content is also compatible with a video display panel or projection screen.

Teachers will find:

  • Opportunities for true student interactivity, engaging with the board and other students
  • Features like lyric highlighting and animated modeling of hand signs or instrument fingering and form, freeing up teachers to help individual students
  • An embedded draw tool to transform a basic projection screen into an interactive whiteboard

Mobile-Enabled Student Activities

Integrating student technology can be a challenge in the music classroom. We’ve developed easy-to-launch companion content for all student devices to extend the learning happening in the classroom.

Teachers will find:

  • Easy-to-launch QR Codes on many teacher-led activities that distribute student content to individual devices with a simple scan
  • A complete menu of Student Interactives accessible by students on any device – includes digital recorder scores, QuaverBooks, music theory games, and much more!
  • Digital assessments that can be taken on student devices and automatically entered into the teacher’s GradeBook
  • Digital keyboard, guitar, and drum apps, plus an interactive Orff Instrument Library
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