Step 1: Download the White Paper

Just what IS a supercharged music education? Learn how the expansive, integrative quality of music education can transform your schools, far beyond just the music classroom!

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Step 2: Find Inspiration for Action

Take three minutes to hear one music educator share his take on the supercharged power of music in this clip of QuaverMusic co-founder Graham Hepburn at NAfME’s 2016 National In-Service.

Step 3: Apply What You’ve Learned

Consider the implications of this approach to YOUR state or district. How are decision makers currently applying ESSA to include music in a well-rounded education?

Step 4: Choose a Partner

At QuaverMusic, we’ve made it our mission to support districts in supercharging their music education program to include all these expansive possibilities. We’d love to dream big with you about what that might look like in your schools!