Learn more about specific features with step-by-step help from the Quaver team!

We created these resources to help you dig even deeper into your QuaverMusic Preview.

Click any help resources below to learn more about each topic. The link will launch a menu of videos in a Quaver Professional Development Course. Each video is a short breakdown of how to use a specific Quaver element. If asked to login, use your preview credentials. Then, come back and experiment with what you’ve learned in your Preview Dashboard anytime!

How to Use Quaver Lessons

Meet Quaver trainer and curriculum contributor Otto Gross II, otherwise known as Austin Otto, as he walks you through the basics of a Quaver Curriculum lesson. You’ll learn to navigate, launch, and teach through a Quaver Lesson. We hope you’ll try it with your students from the Preview Dashboard Page!


How to Use ClassPlay

This video course will introduce you to the wonderful world of ClassPlay, Quaver’s interactive song library. Quaver trainers will walk you through searching and navigating ClassPlay’s variety of song and activity types so you can find and explore what works in your classroom!



How to Create your Custom Curriculum

The true power of a digital curriculum is in the ability to customize your resources to suit your needs. The Search and Customization Video Course will help you learn to searchQuaver’s library of over 6,500 resources, organize what you find for easy access, and customize your own custom curriculum including content from your own library–including mp3s, YouTube videos, and more!



How to Assess your Students

Quaver’s Teacher Administration tools allow teachers to assess their students in a number of ways. Through custom assignments, video recordings, and more, you can harness the power of technology to record and measure your student progress. Learn more in the Teacher Administration training course below!




Helpful Hints for Using this Site

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Select elements in the Quaver Curriculum rely on an up-to-date version of Adobe Flash. To download or update Flash on this device, visit


When turned on, a pop-up blocker can prevent your browser from opening some teacher resources, like lessons which launch in a new window for ease of use in the classroom. For browser-specific instructions to disable your pop-up blocker, visit Quaver’s Tech Tip Blog.


The Quaver Curriculum is compatible with any modern browser enabled to run Adobe Flash and works on both Mac and PC operating systems. For optimal performance, we recommend using the most up-to-date version of your preferred browser. See our System Requirements for specifics.

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